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Here at Kloten Nature Resort "AW" stands for

Be sure to visit our restaurant during the weekend!


Experience nature with your family or friends

We offer a variety of activities and experiences that cater to both groups of friends and the whole family! This is where the Bergslagsleden hiking trail begins and for those interested in cycling, there are trails on the forest roads and pathways!


Our lake, Långvattnet, attracts to those interested in; kayaking, rowing, fishing and SUP but also to a comforting adventure where you can spend the night under the stars by the lake or join a safari to look for water and forest animals. Try our latest activity glamping: a hotel suite in the middle of the forest.

Create new memories with the family with our fun activities for both children & adults.

Get closer to nature and create new memories together with family or friends in a corona-safe way. We offer a variety of fun activities that will suit most children and of course the adults as well, just two hours from Stockholm. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet or more fast-paced activities, we have what you need. View our range of activities here and see how we can best suit your needs.

Our most popular outdoor activities

Visit us, throughout Summer and Winter, to enjoy our range of outdoor activities for adults and children. Stay at our campsite, or in one of our cabins, in a peaceful setting just two hours from Stockholm. Have fun with family and friends, cycling, hiking, skating, cross-country skiing. Try SUP, or some relaxing fishing in our lakes, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Explore and discover new adventures to experience. There´s something for everyone.

Book a cabin, camping or glamping

Rent one of our cosy cottages, only 2 hours from Stockholm, right by the water and the nature that surrounds it.  Here it is also excellent to camp with a tent or caravan at our campsites or explore glamping; a hotel suite surrounded by nature.



Open all year round

We have 5, 6 and 8-bed cottages beautifully located within walking distance of the lake and the main building.





Open all year round

Our pitches for caravans, campers and tents are beautifully located by the lake 600m from the main building. Electricity, TV and service house are available.




Jakob_Wallin_glamping (2).jpg


Open june-september

Want a hotel suite surrounded by nature? Stay for two nights in one of our glamping tents right by the water, close to nature but still luxurious and comfortable.




What do previous visitors think?

Our restaurant & pub

In the middle of the deep forests of Bergslagen, you will find our restaurant here at Kloten Nature Resort, where good food is accompanied with a pleasant atmosphere and the beauty of nature.

We accept bookings for your event

Also, discover our traditional English pub that we rent out for conferences or social gatherings.


"Such wonderful nature! We'll be back soon!”

- Anna Lindqvist

 “Ideal for the family and only 2 hours from Stockholm. Here we can all get away from everyday life and stress.”

- The Andersson family

“There is never a boring day here! Such beautiful views to experience, challenging activities to try and a calming atmosphere to take in.”

- Roger och Maj-Britt Larsson


“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

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