We take pride in being a part of Bergslagen Cycling. On Bergslagen Cycling’s official website, you can find all the maps and information about trails in the Kloten area and its surroundings. Explore the beauty of the region on two wheels and discover the diverse cycling routes available.

Here you'll find both cross-country and mountain bike trails.

Mountain Bike Trails in Ramsberg:

Klotenrundan – 10 km

Nyforsleden – 64 km

Trelänsleden – 63 km

Malingsboleden -86 km

Explore the diverse landscapes and enjoy the thrill of biking through these well-maintained trails in Ramsberg and Kloten.


The latest trend in cycling is gravel riding. You cycle on gravel and gravel roads – a cycling form that takes you wherever you steer. You ride on easily navigable gravel roads without traffic disruptions.

Explore our spectacular nature from the saddle of your bike, enjoying the freedom and versatility that gravel riding offers.