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Experience unique glamping in Sweden Kloten Nature Resort – Kloten Lakeside Camp

Glamping in Sweden has become an increasingly popular activity. Glamping means that you get a luxurious form of camping that combines the beauty of nature with modern comfort.

With us, you can enjoy a unique holiday experience in just this way, surrounded by untouched forests, the Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve and the lake Långvattnet.

Our tents at Kloten Lakeside Camp are designed to give you a feeling of luxury in the middle of nature. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or some time with the family, glamping in Dalarna is the perfect choice.

What is glamping?

Don’t think about boring canned food, storm kitchens that don’t work, cold sleeping bags and tents that can’t be traveled no matter how hard you try.

Glamping, an amalgamation of the words “glamorous” and “camping”, is a unique form of vacation that combines the beauty of nature with modern comfort and luxury. Unlike traditional camping, where you often have to compromise on amenities, glamping offers a more luxurious experience in the middle of nature.

Imagine waking up in a spacious, beautifully decorated luxury tent with real beds and luxurious linens, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Dalarna. Glamping is about enjoying
nature without renouncing the comforts that make life pleasant.

The charm of glamping in Dalarna

Glamping in Sweden gives you the best of both worlds. You get the closeness to nature that traditional camping offers, but without compromising on comfort. At Kloten Nature Resort, we have taken glamping to a new level. We take you to our tents by boat during the summer season, where you then get good food delivered by boat in the middle of nature without disturbing neighbors. You yourselves have your own canoe at your disposal, a private little secret house and your own strip of beach. Sleep comfortably in a luxurious double bed and wake up rested to birds chirping and lapping waves.

Kloten Resorts - One of the top 10 best glamping sites in Sweden

According to the newspaper Allas, Kloten Lakeside Camp, which we call our glamping, is listed as one of the ten best glamping sites in Sweden. Our facility in Dalarna, on the border of Västmanland and Bergslagen, offers a unique combination of wilderness and luxury at a good price. You get glamping in Sweden at its best!

This is included when you glamp with us

When you choose to glamp at Kloten Nature Resort, an experience filled with comfort and nature experiences awaits. Our tents are not just your accommodation but part of your experience. Each tent is equipped with a luxury double bed, complete with hotel standard bedding. For families traveling with children, we arrange a cozy sleeping place on the floor for up to two children under the age of twelve, including duvets and pillows. Do you want to bring the dog with you? No problem. Our four-legged friends are also welcome here.

To make your stay even more comfortable, we provide towels and a private outdoor shower with soap and running water. You also have mosquito nets in the tent. The meals are a central part of the glamping experience with us. You will enjoy a delicious three-course dinner on your first evening, followed by breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day, and finish with a breakfast on the third day.

Adventure also awaits outside the tent canvas. We offer an introduction to the area, your own canoe and life jackets to explore the nearby waters. A hammock awaits you for relaxing moments in nature. When you arrive, your tent is already cozy prepared, with candles and matches ready to create a magical atmosphere. For cooler evenings, there is firewood, an ax and a stove in the tent, as well as fireplaces for the real campfire feeling.

We haven’t forgotten the small details that make a big difference. In your tent there is fresh water, free access to tea and coffee, as well as everything you need in terms of cutlery, glasses and plates. And on the day of departure, you have access to a shower and sauna to end your glamping experience in the best way. At Kloten Nature Resort, every aspect of your stay is thought out to create an unforgettable and comfortable nature experience.

When you book Kloten Lakeside Camp, you get the following included:

● A spacious tent with a comfortable double bed, extra beds for children and full board.
● Large wooden deck outside the tent where you can sit and watch the sunset.
● Own stove in the tent and own fireplace outside if you want to grill.
● Breakfast, lunch and three-course dinner every day in a basket delivered to you via boat.
● No neighbors nearby.
● Own strip of beach to relax on.
● Opportunities for wonderful nature experiences.
● Access to booking our SPA department with sauna and hot tub.

● Access to the Kloten Nature Resort restaurant.
● A number of activities that you can book separately.

Price for glamping

For glamping in Dalarna with us, with full board, you get everything we have already mentioned and much more for a price of

2 adults for two nights SEK 9,500 for two nights

You can also bring children under 12 with you, it costs SEK 900/2 nights

2 adults for three nights SEK 11,800

Children under 12 years SEK 1,600/child

2 adults for four nights SEK 13,900

Children under 12 SEK 2,000

The prices are for full board, excluding alcoholic beverages that you bring yourself.

Children must be under 12 years of age and there is room for 2 children/tent.

Dogs can be brought, but don’t forget to inform about this when booking.

For an optimal experience and relaxation, we recommend that you stay at least three nights.

For booking, contact us directly on 0580 88 300

Glamping in the southern tip of Dalarna - 2 hours from Stockholm

Imagine waking up to the birdsong in a comfortable double bed with someone you care about, the sun shining through the tent fabric, and the sound of Långvattnet’s gentle waves just outside. Enjoy a basket with a luxurious 3-course dinner with a view and the tranquility of beautiful Långvattnet.

Perfect for those who want to camp in nature but still wake up in a hotel bed with full board, glamping for real!

For reservations, please contact us directly at +46 580 88 300.